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Cadena International is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing humanitarian aid, han-in-hand, to people all over the world in desperate need before, during, and after  natural disasters strike, on behalf of the local Jewish community.. Based in Hollywood, Fl, Cadena International contributes to the local impoverished area, as well as, collaborates with large organzitions in countries around the world including Kenya, Guatemala, Venezuela, Mexico, and many others. 

WeThink Marketing was able to redesign their website that became more user friendly and was able to add features for donation options that has drastically increased their donation base to be able to help thousands more in need.  Our team also works on monthly drip marketing campaigns to inform the public on import world disaster news and increase awareness of Cadena’s presence in South Florida. We have also worked on Social Media and Influencers to help Cadena reach larger audiences for increased donations and awareness. 


Cadena’s success as an International non-profit organziation

Here is a brief list of details that we should consider when starting a drip marketing project:

• Spectacular photos of your services and infographics to display data
• Clear and precise message  
• Generate space for call to action
• Pay special attention to content that appeals to audience
• Determine the appropriate email marketing strategy for your business

Authentic content to appeal to audience

Optimization of the website, the response, and user navigation

Increase in donations after marketing strategy implementation

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Juliana Vallejo
Account Manager

How I Think: Pienso que todo lo que sueño es real, por eso es tam importante saber pedir. Tener equilibrio en todas las areas, es el verdadero exito de una persona.

What I Think: Es esencial ser coherente con lo haces, piensas y dices, de igual forma aplica para las marcas.

Back in Memory: Comunicadora organizacional de Bodytech, Fundadora de Comunicarte Publicidad y Vamos Pal Pueblo, Directora administrativa de Wethink.
Thinker that inspire me: Jesus, no como religion, sino como lider.

Thinker Hobbies: Leer, escribir, disfrutar la naturaleza, viajar, soñar…

Alex Cohen
Social Media Manager

How I Think: To think you have to live, to live you need to think about how to do better every day. Live and think that tomorrow you will do better.

What I Think: It’s not about reaching more people, it’s about more people coming to you because they believe in what you do.

Back in Memory: Manager of artists, Net Working Consultant, social media guru.
Thinker that inspire me: I am inspired by people who believe that they can and will be great.

Thinker Hobbies: Singing in the car, visiting airports, reading covers, and soccer. #HalaMadrid

Gio Marquez
Sales Manager

How I Think: I think by being positive and letting the universe take its course 

What I Think: What I think I turn into reality, what I feel is what I attract and what I imagine is what I create.

Back in Memory: Entrepreneur, explorer, independent, creator of ideas, apprentice and always ready for new life experiences.

Thinker that inspire me: Buda & Dalai Lama

Thinker Hobbies: Yoga, Meditation, Goldsmith’s, Kitchen, Manual & Plastic Works … and Dancing

Lola Mirt
CRM Manager

How I Think: One of the women I admire the most said: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” I apply this into every one of my Sales Campaigns, making sure the people we are connecting with feel comfortable, understood and cared for when buying our products. Brilliant Customer Service will assure new clients in the future. The better you treat your customers, the more chances you have of making new ones.

What I Think:  Love the product, understand your customer, listen to their concerns. Why should anyone buy anything from anybody if the person from whom they are buying doesn’t even believe in it? There’s a reason why confident salespeople are more succesfull.

Back in Memory: I’ve worked in all parts of the sales process, in companies all over the world like Chile, Argentina, Peru, The United States and Venezuela.

Thinker that inspire me: Maya Angelou

Thinker Hobbies: Believer, Reader, Mother, Rocker and Human Rights Fighter!

Albeiro Jaramillo
Graphic Designer

How I Think: I think that every single one of us has something unique and magnificent to offer, which is the reason why I am so passionate about interpersonal communication.

What I Think: I think that words are extremely powerful, and I believe that through them we can generate change, evoque emotions and inspiration.

Back in Memory: I have always been a people person, moved and inspired by peers and mentors.  I worked as an Content Marketer at Conversion Whale, and I was a Marketing Trainee at Riviera Point Group.

Thinker that inspires me: Dalí

Thinker Hobbies: Play guitar, Drawing, ride a motorcycle, Collect music, listen to heavy metal and eat hamburgers!

Carlos Aguirre
Art Director – Founder

How I Think: The imagination allows us to paint a painting in a second, listen to a phrase without saying it, see the journey ahead without taking a step. For this reason, I love to plan, listen, and paint before acting.

What I Think: How to increase my client conversions, how to create inspiration from our clients brands, how I can influence people in the best way


Back in Memory: I’ve worked with Motionpoint (Tacobell, Victoria’s Secret, Disney, Best Buy), Mulco Watches Marketing Manager, Levis, Unilever and Anther.

Thinker that inspire me: Da Vince

Thinker Hobbies: Mountain Biking, painting, camping, traveling, eating empanadas, listening to rock music

Nicole Minionis
Marketing Director – CoFounder

How I Think:  Always different always pushing myself for a new me and a better me

What I Think: I am passionate about people’s thoughts and Ideas and my greatest success comes when I am able to make it tangible and profitable.

Back in Memory: Chemical engineering gave me the basis of all my thinking process, experience working with multinationals and corporate America, helped me understand the play-field so when I created Wethink Marketing we understood what the market needs but with a whole new look and style. Creative and daring on everything we do
Thinker that inspires me:  No one in particular, more important the people that support me and lift me up every day.  You know who you are if you read me!

Thinker Hobbies: love Yoga, passionate about my guitar, family.

Diego Bustamante
Art Director – Project

How I Think: The imagination allows us to paint a painting in a second, listen to a phrase without saying it, see the journey ahead without taking a step. For this reason, I love to plan, listen, and paint before acting.

What I Think: How to increase my client conversions, how to create inspiration from our clients brands, how I can influence people in the best way


Back in Memory: I’ve worked with Motionpoint ( Dragon ball, Saint seiya), RCN  FOX Marketing Digital, Yamaha, pepsi and Mountain Dew.

Thinker that inspire me: Romero Britto

Thinker Hobbies: , painting, video game, Music, electric bass, arepa, listening to rock music

Juliana Vallejo

How I Think: I think everything I dream is real, that’s why it’s important to know how to wish. Having balance in all areas is the true success of a person.

What I Think: It is essential to be consistent with what you do, think ,and say, which similarly applies to brands.

Back in Memory: Organizational Communicator of BodyTech, Founder of Comunicarte Publicidad and Vamos Pal Pueblo, Administrative Director of WeThink.

Thinker that inspire me: Jesus, not as a religion, but as a leader.

Thinker Hobbies: Read, write, enjoy nature, travel, dream …