Nowadays, it is really common to walk in the streets and listen that people are requesting to their smartphones different things, such as what is the weather today? how many meetings do I have today? when is my grandma’s birthday?. However, this advanced tool is not just part of smartphones, now you can find speaker devices from different brands at the corner of the living room, in the rooms, or even in the kitchens. I bet that if you go to your friends’ house, family house, or even to your boyfriend/girlfriend’s house, you will find one of these devices.

Consequently, people have acquired these devices for their powerful use and easy way to manage. So, if you want to synchronize this device with the lights of your house, you can do it and even level up the brightness of them telling “set dim lights for the living room”. In addition, if you want to synchronize with the electrical curtains, with the gaps of your car, with your smartphone, and with many other devices, you can absolutely do this and manage everything with your voice. Furthermore, you are able to set up some of these devices in 7 different languages like English, German, Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish, and Catalan.

In 2021 companies are more aware of the increasing use of voice search. This became a crucial digital marketing strategy since many companies worldwide are rethinking the way they can impact the market with this tool.

50% of searches are made via voice (2020)
55% of American homes will acquire a smart speaker by 2022
72% of people who have voice-activated speakers affirmed that they used their devices every day as part of their routines

It is a reality that in the future voice search will be used for more than now.

The growth of voice assistants and smart speakers presents enormous opportunities for many types of industries. The first category of Smart speakers was introduced in 2014 by Amazon and this tech product has amplified the voice-search industry, which was booming thanks to Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant apps. Then, Microsoft has entered and also, Cortana virtual assistant.

The big industries expect that Voice shopping sales $40 billion in 2022, up from $2 billion today

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