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1. The Essential QR Starter

$ 99 Monthly

Perfectes relying on strong word-of-mout
for businessh marketing.
  • Permanent QR Code: Effortlessly shareable, making it easier for loyal clients to refer friends and family.
  • QR Code Mobile Landing: Give users an instant snapshot of your offerings.
  • QR Coupon Listing: Entice new customers with exclusive deals.
  • Monthly Promo Update: Refreshed content to keep your brand exciting.
  • Monthly Report: Keep a pulse on your growth.
  • Contract Duration: 12 months.

2. Collaborative Bundle Boost

$ 399 Monthly

+ Ad Budget (Proportionately adjusted depending on # businesses involved)
Ideal for businesses looking to share the spotlight and reach a broader audience.
  • 3-8 Businesses in One Landing Page: Harness the power of collaboration.
  • Divided Ad Spend: Cost-effective marketing with shared investment.
  • Permanent QR Code: One code, multiple businesses.
  • QR Code Mobile Landing: A combined page highlighting all participating brands.
  • QR Coupon Listing:Multiple deals, one platform.
  • 2 Promo Updates per Month & Report:Stay updated on your collaborative campaign.
  • Campaign Investment Ad: $1500 collective spend for maximized reach. Cost divided among 3-8 businesses.
  • Contract Duration:8 months.

3. Premium Personalized Boost

$ 1,599 Monthly + Ad Budget

The exclusive package for businesses seeking a tailored approach.
  • Personalized QR Code: Stand out with a unique design.
  • Branded QR Code Mobile Landing: Crafted exclusively for your brand.
  • QR Coupon Listing: Showcase premium deals to entice high-value customers.
  • 2 Promo Updates per Month & Report: Keep your marketing strategy sharp.
  • Campaign Investment Ad: A dedicated $700 budget to put your brand center stage.
  • Contract Duration: 6 months.

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Localized Segmentation

We specialize in precise audience targeting, ensuring your message reaches  the right people at the right time. Let us optimize your marketing strategies and maximaze your ROI today!

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