How to Convert Attendees of Webinars Into Quality Leads

What could be more convenient than hosting a live webinar to introduce your product and services to potential customers? Nothing, maybe? Well, it’s not that simple. Unless you are selling cat food or something similar, it won’t be so easy to convince people to register and attend your webinar.

You need to work on your promotional strategy and find the right ways to reach out to the target audience, engage them with the topic, and get their contact details in return.

You cannot simply give away free VOUCHERS because most people will view it as a TRENDY marketing trick and decline your offer. You need to create some sense of urgency and show how attending this event will benefit them in some way. Once they register for your event, you can collect their email addresses for follow-up marketing. Here are some proven ways that you can use for a successful registration process…

Have a Great Webinar Registration Page

No matter how great your content is, you cannot expect to get the desired results if the registration process is faulty. The first thing to do is to create a great landing page where people can enter their email addresses and other details.

Make sure you have a clear call to action that tells the visitors what they are going to get by registering for the webinar. While designing the page, use bright colours, bold fonts, and images. You can also add some testimonials from previous attendees to boost the credibility of your event. Make sure you have a dedicated server to avoid webinar sign-up issues.

Use Live Ads to Grow Registered Audience Before Event

Since you already have a page where people can sign up for your webinar, why don’t you make use of Facebook’s Live video feature to grow the number of registered visitors? You can use this video to give a brief introduction to your product and services along with an offer that is exclusive to the attendees of the live event. You can also use the live video to answer some of the most common questions that people usually ask.

This way, you can avoid receiving emails asking the same questions again and again. As soon as you finish the live video, make sure to create a static video of the same and publish it to your Facebook page. This way, people who missed the live video will be able to watch the recording.

Leverage On-platform Advertisements

Facebook has many different ways to reach out to a vast audience and promote your webinar. You can use the targeted advertisement feature to promote your webinar and add more people to the registered list. Be careful while choosing the ad type to avoid any mishaps.

You can use the Lookalike Audience feature to promote your webinar to people who are similar to your registered audience. Make sure you use the right targeting parameters to avoid reaching out to the wrong audience. You can also use Video Carousels to promote your webinar. Just like the live ads, video carousels also allow you to promote your webinar to the right audience.

Send a Welcome Email After the Event

Once the live event is over, don’t discard the list of attendees. Send them a welcome email and let them know that they can expect to receive more emails in the future. Let them know the benefits of signing up for your email list and what they can expect to receive in their inbox.

If you were promoting a product, you can send them a coupon code to encourage them to purchase the product. The best part is that you can send emails to these people as many times as you want. You don’t have to worry about annoying them or losing their attention.


Getting leads from webinars and online events is a great way to grow your business, but it’s not easy. You need to create a great registration page, promote your event, and send a follow-up email to convert the attendees into leads.
The best part is that you can use these strategies for many webinars and events. So, don’t wait! Start using these strategies to convert more people into leads.


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