Top 5 Social Media Mistakes You Are Probably Making!

Social Media Mistakes

Hey there! Social Media is not the same it was 10 years ago. With so many changes, happening so fast, is really hard to not make mistakes. Here are the top 5 slip-ups I’ve seen (and maybe made once or twice), and my friendly advice on how to steer clear of them.

“Hello? Is Anyone Home?” – Ignoring Engagement


What’s the deal?: Picture this: You walk into your favorite cafe and greet the barista, but they just…ignore you. Not cool, right? That’s how your followers feel when their comments and messages go unnoticed.

  • Pro tip: Remember, it’s called ‘social’ media for a reason. Engage with your audience, respond to their comments, join in on the jokes, and maybe even host a Q&A session. It’s all about the conversation!

“Buy This! And This! Oh, and This!” – Being Over-Promotional

What’s the deal?: We’ve all been there, scrolling through our feed when a brand just won’t stop trying to sell us something. It gets tiring and feels, well, spammy.

  • Pro tip: Think of your brand as that friend who always brings the best stories to dinner. Share engaging anecdotes, offer useful tips, or simply spread some good vibes. Sales will come when your audience trusts you.

“I Guess They Took a Vacation… Forever?” – Inconsistent Posting

What’s the deal?: Consistency is to social media what coffee is to mornings. Essential! If you post every day for a week and then vanish for a month, your audience is bound to get confused.

  • Pro tip: Grab a content calendar (there are tons of free ones online) and sketch out a plan. Maybe Mondays are for motivational quotes, Wednesdays for behind-the-scenes looks, and Fridays for fun polls. Find what works for you!

“Wait, What’s This Post About?” – Neglecting Visual Content

What’s the deal?: Visuals are the heartthrob of social media. If you’re posting a long chunk of text without any appealing visuals, chances are it’s getting scrolled past faster than you can say “Whoops!”

  • Pro tip: Invest in creating eye-catching visuals. Use tools like Canva or hire a graphic designer if budget allows. Remember, your visuals should tell a story even without the accompanying text.

“Look at Me, I’m Using #Every #Single #Hashtag!” – Using Irrelevant Hashtags

What’s the deal?: Hashtags can be a doorway to new audiences, but plastering a post with irrelevant ones feels like you’re trying too hard. Plus, it can appear spammy.

  • Pro tip: It’s all about quality over quantity. Research your hashtags, make them relevant, and maybe even create a fun brand-specific one. Your hashtag game should be strong, but also make sense.

Wrapping Up!

There you have it – five social media pitfalls and how to sidestep them gracefully. Remember, social media management is a blend of strategy and genuine human connection. Keep it real, stay consistent, and always be ready to learn and adapt.

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Happy posting! 🚀



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