How to Use Facebook’s Metaverse Tools Tolike, Post, and Share Your Site

In your first visit to the Facebook virtual reality platform, you may not know what to expect. You could go there just to see how it looks and how it feels, or you could take advantage of all the features it offers. Virtue of a social media giant, Facebook’s new virtual reality platform is called Metropolis. It focuses on creating immersive 360-degree videos for people who want to check out sites in an entire new way. With Metropolis, you can explore special places virtually and share them with your friends. In this article we will explain how you can use the features offered by this tool and take advantage of it as much as you can until more functionalities are added in the future updates.

How to use Facebook’s Metropolis

First, create a Facebook account if you haven’t done it yet. After that, go to the Metropolis website and create an account there. From now on, you can use the website to interact with the people who create and manage the metaverse. When you first log in to the metaverse, you’ll be greeted with a splash page that shows off some of the features available for your use. This page will show you the new features Facebook just added to the platform. Once you’re on the splash page, you can select the “New” button at the top right. This will take you to a new screen where you can create a new project.

how will your site interact with the metaverse

The interface of the metaverse will be able to show you the related information about the video you’re looking at. You can click on the arrows on the video to navigate and explore all the related information about the video. Some of the features available for you are the following: – Explore: here you can explore related videos that are posted in the metaverse as well as related videos on your page. – Details: This section will show you all the details about the video, like the age rating and any additional information about the video. – Influencers: This section will show you all the people who are relevant to the video, like the influencers that are mentioned in the video or people sharing the page. – Share: This section will show you all the ways you can share your video, like via Facebook or via any other app you’re logged into.

post a 360° video from your site

The first thing you will do in the metropolis interface is post from your website. From there, you will be able to create a new project in Facebook virtual reality. Once you create a project, you can go to your website and select any video you want to post on Facebook’s metaverse. You can select a video from your normal website or YouTube. Once you select the video, you can create a new project in the metaverse. Now, your video will be posted in the metaverse with full 360-degree views. Next, you can create a project to share with your friends and followers on Facebook. You can share photos, videos, and any other content you want to post.

Share a special place on Facebook

The other feature of the metaverse is to share special places on your Facebook profile. It’s a great way to show your followers and friends where you’re located or what you like. First, you need to create a project in the virtual reality. With the project, you will be able to select a place or an object to put in the metaverse. Once you select the object, you can see the metadata on it in the metaverse. You can click on the arrow to explore all the related information about the object. Now, you can select any of your friends and start sharing your places and objects with them. With this feature, you can easily share your favorite places, your profile picture, or even your posts.


Facebook’s new virtual reality platform is pretty interesting and innovative. But there’s one thing you should remember. This metaverse is just for viewing and exploring. You cannot interact with it the same way you interact with Facebook’s regular platform. So, for example, you cannot comment on the posts in the metaverse. You cannot invite your Facebook friends to join the virtual reality. However, you can explore the contents of the metaverse and share the contents with your Facebook friends and followers. So, it’s worth exploring the new virtual reality Facebook has to offer.


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