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UX / UI  User Experience  

One of the buzz-words of the last decade. It considers the elements that shape how easy it is for the user to accomplish their desired tasks. Through the years, UX has gone from being just another catchphrase to being one of the digital world’s most iconic products. This of course is because of the increase in smartphone usage. 

App Development is one of the industries that has benefited the most from UX Design. As a result, UX design in Apps has changed many things in our lives from how we plan, pay, and even do chores. It is clear that it can truly make a difference in the product we choose when we’re talking digital. 

When creating a successful user experience we must consider:

UX  Short and Punchy, Less is More.

Users are constantly consuming content. But they’re also easily distracted. Since usability is the current focus of UX. This no longer means delivering a feature-heavy product but making the product leaner and amplifying its functionality. 

Cut through the clutter and define what exactly users need from the product. Reduce steps and make the tasks simpler to create a favorable experience. 

Headings and Subheadings

Since readers are most likely skimming your content, be generous with headings and subheadings. They break up your content and create transitions in the thought process, providing a flowing path for readers to follow. 

Ux Visual Break

Use support images to break up content and facilitate its on-screen consumption. This also helps to boost SEO with alt image tags. Keep in mind though, consistency in the images is key, this applies to sizing, branded color, and similar visuals. 

You can also create visual breaks with white spaces. By decluttering the page you give a clear and digestible message.


A new user has no idea what your site’s about. What first impression do you want to give?

You should keep a navigation bar at the top, something subtle, and always give your users options to take the next step. Introduce a call-to-action like:

  • “Featured Products!”
  • Pop-up of Promotions 
  • Subscription email field

This way you send traffic throughout your site, making sure that the order of the traffic steps makes sense and that your CTAs are logical. 

The key is relevance.

Get Social!

Social share buttons are a must in your platform, providing credibility and giving users a quick share or contact outlet. It shows your company is an active part of the community.

Multi-platform integration

We’ve all gotten used to multiple screen sizes and compatibility across devices. In 2020, it is key for UX to form solutions for not only mobile, desktop and tablets but also voice-based interfaces, gaming consoles, car dashboards, interactive TVs, and many innovations yet to come. 

UX design as a team activity

User Experience works best when there is input from multiple sources, the “lone-wolf” designer era is gone. If they want to be able to create and envision enjoyable experiences for a wide range of users, UX producers will have to accommodate a broad framework of opinions and expertise in the process, which takes us to our last point.

Be Inclusive 

As the digital world surpasses geographic boundaries, a design must be inclusive and customized to suit the needs of every consumer group. Whether it be in the images or in different languages offered.  

These are some of the basic ideas of UX for both content writers and designers. Do you have any UX practices you think we should add to the list? Let us know!

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